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Gender Diversity in Leadership: Grundfos Takes the Lead

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The Grundfos Initiative: A Commitment to Gender Diversity

Grundfos, a global pump manufacturer, has set ambitious goals to increase the number of women in leadership roles. Spearheaded by CEO Mads Nipper, the initiative aims to make women 25% of the company’s management by the end of 2020.

The Numbers Speak: Progress in the Right Direction

As of November 2019, Grundfos has made significant strides, increasing the percentage of female managers from 20% to 23%. This translates to 99 more female managers in just a year and a half.

The Business Case: Diversity Equals Opportunity

Mads Nipper argues that gender diversity is not just a social issue but a business imperative. According to him, diversity fosters new ideas and better financial results.

Unconscious Bias: The Hidden Barrier

Grundfos is also tackling unconscious bias, offering training to all managers. This aims to ensure that recruitment and promotion decisions are free from gender-based prejudices.

Did You Know?

  • Unconscious bias can significantly impact recruitment and promotion decisions.
  • Gender diversity in leadership roles is linked to better financial performance and innovation.

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