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Amazon’s AI Revolutionizes Product Descriptions for Sellers


Amazon is at it again, this time with a ChatGPT-like AI tool designed to assist sellers in generating comprehensive product descriptions. The tool promises to make the listing process faster and more efficient. But the question remains: will this AI tool improve the often jumbled and keyword-stuffed descriptions we currently see? Read on to find out more about this groundbreaking technology.

The AI’s Capabilities

Amazon’s new AI tool can create product descriptions from just a few images and a brief text description. According to Robert Tekiela, VP of Amazon Selection and Catalog Systems, the AI uses generative models to “infer, improve, and enrich product knowledge at an unprecedented scale.” according to Aboutamazon.

Long lasting impact

While the tool is new, its impact could be long-lasting. Sellers can not only generate new descriptions but also enhance existing ones. This balance between timely updates and evergreen content could be a game-changer in the e-commerce space.

Improves poorly written text

The AI tool aims to solve the problem of poorly written, keyword-stuffed product names and descriptions. If successful, this could set a new standard for online product listings, making them more user-friendly and less confusing.

Large LLM model used

Amazon has built this AI using large language model (LLM) tools and trained it on a vast dataset. However, sellers are advised to double-check the AI-generated descriptions for inaccuracies, given the propensity of LLM AIs to hallucinate.

Did You Know?

  • Amazon’s AI can infer product details like collar style from just images.
  • The AI can also improve existing product descriptions, not just create new ones.
  • Sellers are advised to double-check AI-generated descriptions for inaccuracies.

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