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The Giants of AI – The Top 6

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Microsoft is leveraging its expertise in software development, cloud computing, and data analytics to make significant strides in healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services. Their new AI service, Copilot, aims to revolutionize business security and compliance.


Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is enhancing its products like search and cloud computing with AI technologies. The company is also exploring new revenue streams in healthcare and transportation.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a comprehensive range of AI and ML services, providing instant insights into software applications and processes.


Nvidia specializes in developing GPUs and has an AI software layer called NVIDIA AI Enterprise that supports the end-to-end workflow of AI.


IBM’s AI tech, Watson, can understand and respond to questions in natural language. The company is also launching its new enterprise-ready AI and data platform, Watsonx.


Adobe has released Generative AI Services or Sensei GenAI technologies intended for use by marketers.

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