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Walgreens in Flux: CEO Rosalind Brewer steps down

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Walgreens faces a crossroads as CEO Rosalind Brewer departs.
What’s next for the company?

After nearly three years at the helm of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Rosalind Brewer has chosen to step down. Read on to find out how this could impact the company’s future.

A Mutual departure

Brewer and the Walgreens board reached an agreement that it was time for a change. Brewer has also immediately left the board.

Financial tremors

The company has faced financial challenges with a 32% drop in stock prices this year and a downward revision of the year’s profit forecast.

Strategic moves under Brewer

Brewer introduced a series of cost-saving measures, including closing several stores and laying off employees, to improve the company’s financial health.

New store formats

Walgreens is experimenting with new store concepts, including one in Chicago where items are hidden from customers’ view.

Retail challenges

Shoplifting is a growing concern in retail, and Walgreens’ new store format could be a solution to this problem.


With Brewer’s departure, Walgreens stands at a crossroads. The strategic decisions the company makes moving forward are now crucial.

Did You Know?

  • Rosalind Brewer was one of the few Black female CEOs in a Fortune 500 company.
  • Walgreens was founded in the early 20th century.
  • The company has over 9,000 stores globally.

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