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Your data under the microscope: X’s updated privacy Guidelines


Security or Surveillance? X’s New privacy policy stirs debate
Discover why X’s new privacy policy is making everyone talk!

If you’re an active user on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, you should be aware of the changes in their privacy policy. How will it affect you? Keep reading to learn more.

What’s fresh in the privacy policy?

X has incorporated two notable sections to their privacy guidelines. They concern the gathering of biometric information and employment details from its users.

Biometric data: A step towards safety?

With your consent, X will now collect your biometric details. They claim it’s in the name of safety and identification. But what does that exactly entail?

Your employment record also matters

Not just that, X will also be gathering information about your professional experience and educational background. All of this to better target job opportunities and advertisements.

An all-in-one social media platform?

With Elon Musk at the helm, X has ambitions to become an all-encompassing platform. Is this new data collection strategy a move in that direction?

Verification and regulations

Regulations on social media platforms are getting stringent worldwide, including age verification requirements. Is this also the reason behind X’s changes?

An overall perspective

This changes the rulebook on what we as users can expect regarding privacy on social media. It’s a clear invitation to reconsider what we share and with whom.

Did You Know?

In the US, a law requiring age verification on social media has just been blocked by a federal judge. This could have implications for similar proposals globally.

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